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'Zion Watchman' by Phil Varney
"The classic shot of the Watchman in Zion National Park, taken from the bridge over the North Fork of the Virgin River. Even though this is the classic and 'cliche' shot of Zion, I couldn't resist. It was my first time in the park in many, many years, and shots like this are cliche for a reason - they're easy to get and they really capture what a park is like. On this particular night, the bridge was mostly lined with other photographers (as usual). The weather for most of my trip to Utah was bright, clear blue skies, so when some clouds rolled in before sunset I figured it was a good time to go get the Watchman picture. I almost missed the sunset because of watching bighorn sheep in the higher areas of the park, but fortunately made it back with just enough time to squeeze my tripod in towards the edge of the bridge. Every time a car drove over the bridge, I could see the bridge's vibration by watching the bubble level attached to my camera's hotshoe."


Vietnam at sunset.
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